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Minor update, but here’s some more progress on the Street Fighter image I showed some preliminary sketches for previously. There are some things I’d like to rearrange, but I’m liking the overall direction so far.

Looking for a 2D Artist to join my team

Hey folks, been a while since I posted. Been busy working away on games!

For those who don’t know, I’m currently employed as art director at Crunchy Games. We’re scaling up production slightly and we want a third artist to join the team! If you’re looking for work, I’ve got an opening. A more formal ad can be found here, but I’ll provide the lowdown here on tumblr as well. Here’s what we need:

2D Artist

Desired skills include:
-Character and Creature design
-Hand-drawn 2D Animation

Relevant software experience includes:
-Photoshop or similar illustration software
-Adobe Flash or similar animation software

Candidates that have one or more of the following are preferred:
-Experience working on at least one released title
-Familiarity with Spriter
-Familiarity with Adobe After Effects
-Experience with special effects animations
-Experience with UI design and implementation

We are located in the Mountain View, California area. This is a salary position.

As for the project, all I can say for now is that it is a “unique upcoming sci-fi MMO that offers skill-based gameplay and caters to both mid- and hard-core gamers.” You will be expected to generate in game assets, animations, and concept art.

Feel free to get in touch with me here or with the ad linked to above. Please provide a link to your art and also a resume. 


I don’t normally post stuff this rough, but Py suggested I do so and I haven’t been able to post much at all here lately. These are some ideas for the Super Duper Street Fighter Collab

Been a while since I sat down and made some art just for kicks, no strings attached. Here’s Robin from the Dressrosa arc!

I was commissioned to create an illustration of Reimu, from the Touhou series of games. It’s designed to work with a logo created elsewhere, in the style of Final Fantasy’s logos.

I don’t actually know anything about Touhou and have never played one of it’s titles, but this was still a fun little image to create.

Just a bit of fun while watching Strong World tonight.

Today’s doodle

Another quick test render, this time in Luxrender.

His intermediate hair looks like those minty breath strips that were popular for a little while years ago.

More doodles, Beda and some princess looking at mountains or something.